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Loki's Army - Headquarters
Why establish a CODE OF CONDUCT for our fandom? 
24th-Nov-2012 02:02 pm - [sticky post]
Demon Portrait - Birthday Gift from Ador
As most of you probably know by now, some bad fandom sh** has gone down around Tom Hiddleston lately.

(If you already know about this, just skip the bullet points)
  • Somebody created a fake Thor2themovie account on twitter and conned fans into believing that Loki pics from “Thor - The Dark World” would be releases…which never happened, and even though Tom had nothing to do with it, a lot of people blamed him and he publicly apologised (even though he was at no fault whatsoever).
  • Another fake impersonated Tom’s hairstylist from the Avengers movie, Yesim Osman and got Tom to follow her and tried to con Tom into meeting up with a “friend” of hers (another fake account)
  • People hacked his facebook account and then shared his private pics all across the internet.
  • Apparently a crowd of fans stalked him at a hotel in Detroit where he was staying and basically blocked up the hotel lobby for hours, disrupting hotel services and other customers, just so they could catch a glimpse at Tom.

And yeah, a lot of people are saying that this kind of harrassment is NOT o.k. and that we should do something about it.

So how about creating a CODE OF CONDUCT for Loki’s Army?

Let’s try to pin down how a TRUE member of Loki’s Army would act…and what kind of behaviour is utterly unacceptable.

Just add any rules that you feel would be helpful when you reblog and “sign” it by “liking” it on tumblr:


Once it hits 10.000, I’ll print it out and send it as a fanmail letter to Tom’s Agent.


This CODE OF CONDUCT is something that is still under construction and participation in shaping and adding to the rules is very much welcome, as is signing it.

Quite a few people have made thoughtful comments on what should be included in the Code and how the Code should be used and I’m incorporating such feedback bit by bit.

If you have any kind of suggestions for the items on the list, anything ranging from interpretations of the rules to ideas about how to improve how things are worded, please feel free to comment!

For the items listed in Loki’s Code there are now two categories:

(Note: It seems I accidentally mis-numbered the Guidelines when I made the switch, going straight from 3 to 5 and omitting no. 4. . I’ve corrected that now, but if you read the comments and find people talking e.g. about no. 6? That’s now no. 5  XD )

A. Non-negotiables

These are the things that distinguish a genuine fan and member of Loki’s Army from stalkers and fanatics. This is people doing stuff that is either close to criminal or even stuff that has already crossed the line.

You see someone breaking these, you know they’re NOT a fan, but a creep and a crazy person.

You see someone breaking these, feel free to call them out on their behaviour, block them and warn others about them.


B. Guidelines

Different people in fandom might vary a bit about how these are to be interpreted.

We’re a global and diverse fandom, with people from all walks of society and all parts of the world. So yes, there are bound to be differences in how certain words and actions are perceived and how they should be evaluated. And that’s fine.

Or it might be something where you have a big area of grey and it’s hard to tell whether a specific action is already “too much” or “still o.k.”.

And while there are some things that are absolute no-goes (see “Non-Negotiables”), there’s a lot of stuff where the right thing to do is to give the other person the benefit of doubt.  

You see someone not following one of these? If they’re up to it (and if you’re up to it), it’s o.k. to engage them in a discussion…but otherwise, “Live and let live” is the motto here.


The "Live and let live" part is really, seriously, incredibly important!

We might have differences of opinion, but we are ONE fandom and we should be respectful no only towards Tom, but also towards each other.

If push comes to shove, we have to stand together. ^_~


That said, here’s the current version of the “Loki Code”:


A. Non-Negotiables

A true member of Loki’s Army


…won’t hack into Tom’s facebook and steal pictures. Or hack any other account of Tom’s really, in order to obtain private infos from Tom.


…..won’t pretend to be someone else, e.g. someone who Tom knows, because they want Tom to tweet them / talk to them.


added by snakecharmed79:

…won’t spread ugly or malicious rumours about Tom.


added by Alexandra Diez:

...won't try to hug, glomp or otherwise invade Tom's personal space without being invited to do so first, if she (or he) happens to meet Tom.

(Note by andartha: There have been other stars that have been tackle-hugged, glomped and almost smothered by crowds of "fans" that wanted to get close-up and personal, so that security had to intervene and rescue the celebrity in question. Tom has been know to hug with fans, but seriously, if he ever has to worry about getting squashed by a brigade of rabid stalker-girls, he probably will stop being so approachable sooner or later.)

(Note by resnictem:
It seems like a fan has put her hands on Tom without his permission once ( sliding her hand down his chest?))

B. Guidelines


I am aware that Tom Hiddleston is a real person, and as such, he deserves to be treated with politeness and respect.


I will respect Tom’s personal space and I won’t re-blog or post any of his private pictures.


added by Brynja_Lokadottir:

I will act mature and civilized when blogging about, writing to, and personally interacting with Tom.

(Note by Andartha: I feel that Loki, the character, should stay fair game for all kind of nonsense though ^_~)


added by ilikezenight.

I also won’t bother other fangirls if they know some Hiddles information that I don’t.

Code of Conduct continued here:


8th-Dec-2012 09:27 pm (UTC)
I can't believe how insane some of the fans are.
I don't even think I could say "Hello" to Tom without clamming up and becoming utterly bashful.
I have far too much admiration and respect for him.

I'm just so shocked by these people.
No respect. :(
8th-Dec-2012 10:46 pm (UTC)
With the people breaking the Non-Negotiables, you're spot on: insane, shocking, no respect and (in my opinion) flat out malicious.

With those who dance at the edges of the guidelines, things aren't that clear cut, I feel (hence the whole: 'Live and let live" thing).

(Recycling a comment I made to someone else here, because the content is the same ^_~)

For example, there are a few things there that would be o.k. in general, but which become problematic when a few thousand people all start doing it.

I know I have chatted up strangers that I met on the train or written tweets to people I don't acutally know because they posted something I liked.....and it was fine.

For a fan to chat up a celebrity or write a tweet, it's just a one time occurrence and so it doesn't register as over-the-top, especially if they mean well and want to express their appreciation....for the celebrity, it might be the 50th fan of the day, interrupting them while they're trying to have lunch, but that's something not many people realize.

Also, most people have never seen a celebrity up close in their entire life, so meeting someone who they only know from a variety of "absolutely NOT normal" contexts, like TV shows, interviews, magazine front-covers, movies, youtube videos etc. is something they have only a very vague idea on how to handle.

Add in a false sense of familiarity generated by countless interviews seen/read where you end up knowing tons of personal info about "your" celebrity, ranging from the music they like to their favourite ice-cream flavour as well as the fact that they have deeply moved you in positive ways, brightened up your day with something they said / written and so you want to let them know how much that meant to you.....and it can get real hard for a normal person to distinguish between what's o.k. and what is over the top.

Plus, celebrities DO interact with their fans and they often even enjoy it very much (most artists I know like getting warm, happy, positive feed-back).

Tom especially has been known for hugging fans / having conversations with them on twitter / chatting with them and signing autographs when spotted.

Of course the fact that in general Tom seems very approachable to fans contibutes to lowering the inhibition to make contact when fans get the chance.

In a lot of instances, he probably does like the interaction and the feedback....but in some he might not. But it's darn hard for fans to tell which is which.

To sum it up:

All that glitz and ruckus surrounding celebrities: the interviews, the autographs, the ever-present pictures on the net, on the news, in cinemas....they can make us lose focus. They can confuse us as to what is o.k. and much welcomed fan & celebrity interaction and what isn't.

The guidelines were created to help us re-gain and keep that focus, to help us distinguish between o.k. and not o.k. anymore, so that fandom can be a nice and pleasant place to be, both for the celebrities AND the fans.
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