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Loki's Army - Headquarters
Why establish a CODE OF CONDUCT for our fandom? 
24th-Nov-2012 02:02 pm - [sticky post]
Demon Portrait - Birthday Gift from Ador
As most of you probably know by now, some bad fandom sh** has gone down around Tom Hiddleston lately.

(If you already know about this, just skip the bullet points)
  • Somebody created a fake Thor2themovie account on twitter and conned fans into believing that Loki pics from “Thor - The Dark World” would be releases…which never happened, and even though Tom had nothing to do with it, a lot of people blamed him and he publicly apologised (even though he was at no fault whatsoever).
  • Another fake impersonated Tom’s hairstylist from the Avengers movie, Yesim Osman and got Tom to follow her and tried to con Tom into meeting up with a “friend” of hers (another fake account)
  • People hacked his facebook account and then shared his private pics all across the internet.
  • Apparently a crowd of fans stalked him at a hotel in Detroit where he was staying and basically blocked up the hotel lobby for hours, disrupting hotel services and other customers, just so they could catch a glimpse at Tom.

And yeah, a lot of people are saying that this kind of harrassment is NOT o.k. and that we should do something about it.

So how about creating a CODE OF CONDUCT for Loki’s Army?

Let’s try to pin down how a TRUE member of Loki’s Army would act…and what kind of behaviour is utterly unacceptable.

Just add any rules that you feel would be helpful when you reblog and “sign” it by “liking” it on tumblr:


Once it hits 10.000, I’ll print it out and send it as a fanmail letter to Tom’s Agent.


This CODE OF CONDUCT is something that is still under construction and participation in shaping and adding to the rules is very much welcome, as is signing it.

Quite a few people have made thoughtful comments on what should be included in the Code and how the Code should be used and I’m incorporating such feedback bit by bit.

If you have any kind of suggestions for the items on the list, anything ranging from interpretations of the rules to ideas about how to improve how things are worded, please feel free to comment!

For the items listed in Loki’s Code there are now two categories:

(Note: It seems I accidentally mis-numbered the Guidelines when I made the switch, going straight from 3 to 5 and omitting no. 4. . I’ve corrected that now, but if you read the comments and find people talking e.g. about no. 6? That’s now no. 5  XD )

A. Non-negotiables

These are the things that distinguish a genuine fan and member of Loki’s Army from stalkers and fanatics. This is people doing stuff that is either close to criminal or even stuff that has already crossed the line.

You see someone breaking these, you know they’re NOT a fan, but a creep and a crazy person.

You see someone breaking these, feel free to call them out on their behaviour, block them and warn others about them.


B. Guidelines

Different people in fandom might vary a bit about how these are to be interpreted.

We’re a global and diverse fandom, with people from all walks of society and all parts of the world. So yes, there are bound to be differences in how certain words and actions are perceived and how they should be evaluated. And that’s fine.

Or it might be something where you have a big area of grey and it’s hard to tell whether a specific action is already “too much” or “still o.k.”.

And while there are some things that are absolute no-goes (see “Non-Negotiables”), there’s a lot of stuff where the right thing to do is to give the other person the benefit of doubt.  

You see someone not following one of these? If they’re up to it (and if you’re up to it), it’s o.k. to engage them in a discussion…but otherwise, “Live and let live” is the motto here.


The "Live and let live" part is really, seriously, incredibly important!

We might have differences of opinion, but we are ONE fandom and we should be respectful no only towards Tom, but also towards each other.

If push comes to shove, we have to stand together. ^_~


That said, here’s the current version of the “Loki Code”:


A. Non-Negotiables

A true member of Loki’s Army


…won’t hack into Tom’s facebook and steal pictures. Or hack any other account of Tom’s really, in order to obtain private infos from Tom.


…..won’t pretend to be someone else, e.g. someone who Tom knows, because they want Tom to tweet them / talk to them.


added by snakecharmed79:

…won’t spread ugly or malicious rumours about Tom.


added by Alexandra Diez:

...won't try to hug, glomp or otherwise invade Tom's personal space without being invited to do so first, if she (or he) happens to meet Tom.

(Note by andartha: There have been other stars that have been tackle-hugged, glomped and almost smothered by crowds of "fans" that wanted to get close-up and personal, so that security had to intervene and rescue the celebrity in question. Tom has been know to hug with fans, but seriously, if he ever has to worry about getting squashed by a brigade of rabid stalker-girls, he probably will stop being so approachable sooner or later.)

(Note by resnictem:
It seems like a fan has put her hands on Tom without his permission once ( sliding her hand down his chest?))

B. Guidelines


I am aware that Tom Hiddleston is a real person, and as such, he deserves to be treated with politeness and respect.


I will respect Tom’s personal space and I won’t re-blog or post any of his private pictures.


added by Brynja_Lokadottir:

I will act mature and civilized when blogging about, writing to, and personally interacting with Tom.

(Note by Andartha: I feel that Loki, the character, should stay fair game for all kind of nonsense though ^_~)


added by ilikezenight.

I also won’t bother other fangirls if they know some Hiddles information that I don’t.

Code of Conduct continued here:


25th-Nov-2012 11:22 pm (UTC) - Rules for interaction with other fans
Since this is OUR code, for us, I think adding a few ideas on how we'd like to treat each other, like ilikezenight did, is a very, very good idea. ^_^

7th-Dec-2012 12:43 pm (UTC) - Re: Rules for interaction with other fans
I really like your idea. I told you my thought a while ago in the phone and it's to find in there.
Thanks for the work! You did a pretty good job thanks for that!
I wish you much luck!
Big Hug

Edited at 2012-12-07 01:01 pm (UTC)
6th-Dec-2012 10:20 pm (UTC) - Fanatics vs. Fans
That's just so sad to read about those "fanatics" who are intruding on Mr. Hiddleston's personal life. I'd be happy to sign a code of conduct and I think you'll find most "fans" will. "Fans" are happy to admire an actor's professional life from afar. We find no need to intrude into his personal life and attempt to form a relationship with him. We are happy with whatever tweets and facebook entries he might be willing to share with us. And of course we love any news about upcoming movies or acting gigs and any pictures he might be willing to share with us. "Fanatics" have no such borders or compunctions and are just one short step away from becoming "stalkers" IMHO.
8th-Dec-2012 08:19 am (UTC) - Musings on Tomki fanfiction / fanart
There are a few people out there in fandom who ship Tom with Loki and the question is, how does this fit with guideline no. 6?

First of all, No. 6 is a guideline and as such somewhat flexible, the motto being: "Live and let live."

So if you ship Tomki, I feel that it's just something that some people might highlight with a "?", no more, no less.

Second: Tomki shipping has got Loki in it, which seriously points to the fact that it's NOT meant to be real in any way.

Third: A lot of Tomki shipping has them in a relationship where there's a lot of emotion, feeling and thoughtful character-interaction involved, which makes it romance and NOT porn (even if there are naughty bits....I mean gee, have you ever read a romance novel? A lot of them DO come with some fairly explicit love-making. I should know, I read TONS of them as a teenager ^_~)

I'm guessing that most of the people in fandom are people who are basically nice and who care about other people, so I guess the best measure of whether a story / a piece of fanart is o.k. or not would be to imagine yourself coming across a very similar story that featured a version of YOU and not Tom....would you be o.k. with what's happening in the story or would it creep you out?

Also, for anybody who DOES enjoy outright porn featuring Tom (yes, not even an AU TOM who's together with Loki, but a carbon-copy RL Tom who's, let's say, having an affair with Robert Pattinson)....I figure it would STILL be o.k. as long as the porny parts are not accessible to the general public in any way.

To sum it up: If you're shipping Tomki, then I think there's a good chance that it should be fine for most other people in the fandom and for Tom probably too. ^_~
8th-Dec-2012 09:27 pm (UTC)
I can't believe how insane some of the fans are.
I don't even think I could say "Hello" to Tom without clamming up and becoming utterly bashful.
I have far too much admiration and respect for him.

I'm just so shocked by these people.
No respect. :(
8th-Dec-2012 10:46 pm (UTC)
With the people breaking the Non-Negotiables, you're spot on: insane, shocking, no respect and (in my opinion) flat out malicious.

With those who dance at the edges of the guidelines, things aren't that clear cut, I feel (hence the whole: 'Live and let live" thing).

(Recycling a comment I made to someone else here, because the content is the same ^_~)

For example, there are a few things there that would be o.k. in general, but which become problematic when a few thousand people all start doing it.

I know I have chatted up strangers that I met on the train or written tweets to people I don't acutally know because they posted something I liked.....and it was fine.

For a fan to chat up a celebrity or write a tweet, it's just a one time occurrence and so it doesn't register as over-the-top, especially if they mean well and want to express their appreciation....for the celebrity, it might be the 50th fan of the day, interrupting them while they're trying to have lunch, but that's something not many people realize.

Also, most people have never seen a celebrity up close in their entire life, so meeting someone who they only know from a variety of "absolutely NOT normal" contexts, like TV shows, interviews, magazine front-covers, movies, youtube videos etc. is something they have only a very vague idea on how to handle.

Add in a false sense of familiarity generated by countless interviews seen/read where you end up knowing tons of personal info about "your" celebrity, ranging from the music they like to their favourite ice-cream flavour as well as the fact that they have deeply moved you in positive ways, brightened up your day with something they said / written and so you want to let them know how much that meant to you.....and it can get real hard for a normal person to distinguish between what's o.k. and what is over the top.

Plus, celebrities DO interact with their fans and they often even enjoy it very much (most artists I know like getting warm, happy, positive feed-back).

Tom especially has been known for hugging fans / having conversations with them on twitter / chatting with them and signing autographs when spotted.

Of course the fact that in general Tom seems very approachable to fans contibutes to lowering the inhibition to make contact when fans get the chance.

In a lot of instances, he probably does like the interaction and the feedback....but in some he might not. But it's darn hard for fans to tell which is which.

To sum it up:

All that glitz and ruckus surrounding celebrities: the interviews, the autographs, the ever-present pictures on the net, on the news, in cinemas....they can make us lose focus. They can confuse us as to what is o.k. and much welcomed fan & celebrity interaction and what isn't.

The guidelines were created to help us re-gain and keep that focus, to help us distinguish between o.k. and not o.k. anymore, so that fandom can be a nice and pleasant place to be, both for the celebrities AND the fans.
9th-Dec-2012 09:46 pm (UTC) - ....
But.. Hiddlesworth... what about all the Hiddlesworth?! Guideline 6 voids it.
10th-Dec-2012 01:39 am (UTC) - Re: ....
No it doesn't. ^_^

All that Guideline 6 says is that

a) Some people in fandom MIGHT find it questionable (a lot of others might not)....but that the "live and let live" thing applies

b) if you're writing any porny stuff with Tom in it, Tom MIGHT be creeped out by it (if he ever hears about it).....(or he might not. Who knows. Most people would find it creepy to find porn written about themselves....others might not. No idea in which category Tom belongs...and it's unlikely we'll ever know.)

c) A lot of the real person slash out there does NOT, im my humble opinion, qualify as porn. It's usually romance (and, as everybody knows who has read a romance novel or three, those do contain naughty bits (=explicit scenes)), so Guideline 6 is pretty much moot in those instances.

d) There are a few really nice disclaimers out there that point out that, even though a "Tom Hiddleston" is mentioned in the fic, this is in now way meant to be the real Tom Hiddleston, but rather that in this case, Tom's name and bits of his biography are used as a template for something that's purely fantasy, and I think that such disclaimers do a pretty good job of clarifying that the author means no harm or disrespect to the real-life person. ^_~

(Here's one disclaimer that I found rather nice: http://lokisfairmaiden.tumblr.com/disclaimer )

As you see, Hiddlesworth or Tomki or....doesn't usually clash with Guideline no. 6, really. ^_^
9th-Dec-2012 10:08 pm (UTC)
are you trying to say that writing smut about Tom (actual tom and not one of his roles) is unacceptable? i'm not trying to spatter hate anon on this entry... but those fanfictions are not disrespectful to him unless an author physically shows him or tells him about them. as far as I am concerned, they are harmless, and they are fantasy. I have written several and I am a bit offended that some people think us authors of such smut are not allowed in the fandom.
10th-Dec-2012 01:56 am (UTC)

I'm most definitely NOT saying that writing smut about Tom is unacceptable.

All I'm saying that it's something that might need careful consideration if posted to a public forum.

Most fanfiction (or fanart) about Tom is, as you said, quite respectful of Tom, and quite easily recognizable as pure fantasy (especially if the author has some kind of disclaimer to go with it, like e.g. this one: http://lokisfairmaiden.tumblr.com/disclaimer )

So, as you see, if you're writing Hiddlesworth, or Tomki or...etc., Guideline no. 6 won't usually even apply.

The only area where things get dicey is if a story / fanfiction is e.g. outright incest non-con torture porn.

And I don't think that any fan who likes Tom would be comfortable with the thought of Tom ever coming across a story where he's the focus of THAT kind of hard-core abuse, especially if it had been posted somewhere where the whole world coud read it.

Also, smut is one of the things that got me into fandom in the first place. I write some frosthawk that DOES contain rape, so I'm hardly in a position to throw stones ^_~

As lokisfairmaiden writes: "I hope [Tom] will always be proud of this beautiful fandom with all its multiple facets - be it funny, erotic, or just full of feelings." ^_~
9th-Dec-2012 11:10 pm (UTC)
I am sorry, but how does drawing fanart or writing fanfiction make someone a bad fan? It's not like they're being disrespectful or creepy or anything like that. They're not stalking Tom, hacking his personal accounts, or pretending to be someone they're not just so they can get close to him. THAT is what is disturbing, and anyone who does that should be ashamed. Writing and drawing are both creative outlets for fans to make up their own versions of Tom. They're not claiming to know him or write about him as if they know him. He's their fictional version or whatever you want to call it. What gives you people the right to judge or call someone a bad fan because they use their creativity? You should all be ashamed of yourselves for thinking you're so goddamn high and mighty! You're not better fans, just because you don't, or can't, draw or write. Get off your high horse. Everyone who respects Tom and refuses to take part in stalking/hacking/impersonating should be allowed to be part of Loki's Army. By excluding certain people just because they write or draw is sick, disgusting, and appalling. You people are pathetic. Tom is a 31 year old man who has obviously had sex. He's very cheeky and has a habit of making comments that have sexual undertones. He probably has a lot of very erotic fantasises, too. And there is nothing wrong with that. So stop trying to make people feel bad and stop slut-shaming others for writing or drawing erotic things. And unless Tom comes out and says he doesn't approve of it, I don't think you should make up stupid rules that claim someone can't be a fan if they write or draw. Get over it!
9th-Dec-2012 11:58 pm (UTC)
Agreed! Kudos ;)
10th-Dec-2012 02:50 am (UTC)
I think this is pathetic. you do realise you are splitting the fandom apart, being in a fandom is about being fans together. You are all really stupid, and clearly arent reall fans yourselves.
10th-Dec-2012 03:43 am (UTC) - Anon Hate
No, this is NOT about splitting fandom.

This is about UNITING fandom.

If you think that this would split fandom, could you please explain EXACTLY on how and why you think that this is divisive?

I'm guessing you will be hard-pressed to do so ^_~


"Pathetic"? "Stupid"? "you're not really fans"?

Now who is being bad-mannered, insulting and divisive here?

Sounds like it's you. ^_~

Also, kudos for your lack of backbone for posting something like this anonymously....
10th-Dec-2012 06:12 am (UTC) - sign
I DO sign !
I just love Tom Hiddleston, but I respect him for his work and what he do every day and I don"t want t be one of those crazy shitty girls.
Damn, I may be a fangirl, but it means that I do really respect him. That's the best thing I've ever seen on a fandom !
10th-Dec-2012 07:48 am (UTC)
Sorry,but these rules are really a bit too much on the pathetic side.
I get that you are trying to help Tom but the people you should reach,the stalkers,the invaders of privacy etc you won`t reach because they won`t care.

What you are doing is judging people and take away the freedom of being a fangirl or boy.
Every normal insane fan knows that Tom(or any celeb) is a normal human being,they don`t need these rules to be in a fandom.
By making those rules,and planning on sending them to Tom`s agent,you basically say the people who liked these rules are his real fans,and the others who didn`t are fake.
Do,you honestly think Tom cares if his fans write porn,make porny art or whatever,as long as it doesn`t hurt him he probally doesn`t care.

10th-Dec-2012 11:44 am (UTC) - Part I
Dear anonymous,

first of all, please let me clear up several misconceptions that you have on what Loki’s Army – Headquarters is about:

The project is NOT trying to reach “stalkers” and “the invaders of privacy”. These people are crazy or selfish and self-centered beyond reasoning…and thus, any attempt to reason with them would be futile. And this project is centered on doing stuff that works and gets results.
So what is the project trying to do about the crazies and the stalkers?

a) Create awareness.

You can only do something about a problem if you know that it exists.

Take the thing with the stolen pictures, for example. A lot of “newer” fans don’t even know it happened…or they know it happened, but don’t know what the pictures looked like. But if “new” fans are told about the pictures and get descriptions of what they look like, they will be enabled to avoid these pictures (or take them down if they already have posted some of them).

Take the thing with the fake Teddy Allpress as another example.

A lot of people still don’t know that the account is fake…but awareness is spreading and as a sign of that, you can see the numbers of his followers falling. One month ago, he had over 2.500 followers. This morning it were only 2217 followers left, despite the fact that the fake is still getting a few new followers each day.

b) Give fans inspiration on for things they can do to shield Tom (and fandom) from the crazy stalker types.

Fakes can be warned about and un-followed / blocked.
Stolen pictures can be found and taken down.
Stores selling autographs procured through aggressive professional autograph-hunters can be boycotted.

Second, this project strives to be explicitly NON-Judgemental….which is why the prime motto of part B, the guidelines, is “live and let live”.

As it says in the text:

"The "Live and let live" part is really, seriously, incredibly important!
We might have differences of opinion, but we are ONE fandom and we should be respectful no only towards Tom, but also towards each other.
If push comes to shove, we have to stand together. ^_~"

If BOTH parties are o.k. with it, discussing differences of opinion should still be an option, but even then, people in fandom should keep it civil and polite. No nasty name calling, o.k.?

And sometimes, as in everyday life, people might share a large wealth of opinions and feelings…but will still be left with some small areas where the only option is to agree to disagree…while still respecting and liking each other.

This project was created so fandom could have Tom’s back….but we should ALSO have each other’s back and treat each other with respect.

Third, you don’t have to sign this Code to be a “real” fan.

People might not sign this Code for a variety of reasons:

They might not have heard of it at all.
They might not feel comfortable making such public declarations….or with participating in group activities.
They might feel that all of this is things they’re doing anyway, so why bother signing something on top of that?
They might….etc.

And all of these reasons NOT to sign are valid and real and have to be respected.

However, there are other people too, who WANT to sign such a declaration and who want to participate in Loki’s Army HQ, because:

They feel the need to make a public statement, to make their voice heard.
They’d like to work together with other fans in order to come up with strategies that will allow them to take action, so they’ll have an outlet for the pent-up frustration over all the bad things that have happened to Tom lately.
They like getting together with others and meeting like-minded people and doing stuff together.

And all of these reasons to sign the Code are valid and real and have to be respected too.

Re: Part II - Anonymous - Expand
Re: Part II - Anonymous - Expand
10th-Dec-2012 07:26 pm (UTC)
While I think it's good to behave nice and all, I don't think this code will accomplish anything. The fans that do respect Tom and his privacy will respect it with or without code of conduct, and the people that doesn't care at all won't change their behavior.

I think someone who's idiotic enough to hack Tom's account is not even able to understand why you'd like to have this code of conduct nor can she (I doubt it would be a he...) get the meaning of what's written in this code.

And who would decide what's in this code and what not? Cause if it would be me, No. 6 would be much more stricter, as I can't stand fanfiction with real persons at all - same goes for fanart that tells or implies a story. I know, you said "live an let live" - and I think there's no other way for a fandom anyway. I just want to point out that for some your code won't be strict enought, for others to much, some won't care at all and only a few will agree with the code as it is.
I really appreciate the idea and the intention behind the whole thing - I only think it won't get anything anywhere.

At least I wouldn't bother Tom Hiddleston with it - no code of coduct sending, no special sign for the fandom (I love how he's always so well dressed - a scarf, a button, whatever, it would ruin it sooner or later... and I can already see all the disappointed posts if he's not wearing the sign there and then... and to be honest, I think if the fans just keep a respectful distance aside from official star-fan-meetings it would be the best anyway).

11th-Dec-2012 09:53 am (UTC)
Dear Lothiril,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. ^_^

You are right when you say that this project won't change the way of thinking of people who don't have any respect at all for Tom in the first place.

Such stalkers are selfish and self-centered beyond reasoning at best and thus, any attempt to reason with them would be futile.

However, this project is centered on doing stuff that works and gets results...and it already has:

It has created awareness within fandom of the amount and the kind of harassment Tom gets.

It has given fans a means of expressing what they feel would be a way to interact respectfully with Tom and with each other (e.g. the Code of Conduct is being continously updated).

It has given fans a way to actively do something to support Tom, e.g. by identifying some of the stolen pics, thus giving people the opportunity to take them down (and there are a couple of pics that have been taken down already).

It has spread word about the fake teddyallpress account, and as a result, the numbers of the fakes' followers is continously dropping.

And this Project, in it's current incarnation, with the lj and the facebook account, has been in existence for little more than two weeks.

As for who decides about the Code: That would be each fan for her/himself.

The guidelines (e.g. no.6 which you mentioned) are just that:

A guideline....food for thought.

The ultimate decision rests with the individual.

If a fan finds something within the Code that she/he likes, that's fine.

If a fan doesn't, and would rather set his own standards, then that's fine too.

And if a fan finds something interesting in the Code, but would like to modify that for her/himself (e.g. live by a stricter or a less strict standard), then that's equally fine.

We create our identities by sharing our thoughts and by discussing them with others.

The Code is food for thought and as such a tool to help us find and shape our identity as a fandom.

(Mind, there are other things out there that contribute to shaping our identity as a fandom too: memes, posts that go viral, widely beloved fanart and fanfiction, much read meta-analysis...you get the picture ^_~)

Basically, one thing the Code is about is fandom trying to answer the question: "Who are we?".

As for telling Tom about this:

Well, I believe that people have a right to know when others are talking about them, so yes, at some point I send information about this project to his agent, who will pass it along as appropriate.

Wheter Tom ever looks it up or not will be his decision...but he should at least have the option ^_~

Concerning the idea for some sign between fans and Tom with which Tom can tell a fan who meets him by chance "Sorry, I don't have time to chat / Sorry, I need a private moment right now":

Respect is only worth something if you're able to show it even if it costs you something.

Being respectful if it means you might have to take a pass on something you wanted...that takes backbone. Self-discipline. Integrity. Courage.

And I think that people in fandom have that.

Also, between the original idea for some sort of sign and now, there's a new idea that has come up: hand signs.

That's not something that Tom might just not have with him at the moment....and how incredibly cool would it be to exchange super sekkrit fandom handsigns with Tom (even, if hs signals you "Sorry love, can't right now")?

Seriously, you see Tom somewhere and you don't pounce on the chance to go up to talk to him, because you feel that he might not welcome the attention at the moment, then that's something you can write an entry about / tweet about and tag it with #proudofmyself , because you've done something that, for most people, would have been quite hard to do and you did it out of love and respect for someone else.

With best wishes and kind regards,


Edited at 2012-12-11 11:56 am (UTC)
(no subject) - Anonymous - Expand
11th-Dec-2012 10:10 am (UTC) - Wow...
According to your profile you are 32 years old or will be shortly. Don't you have better things to do with your time? Aren't you ashamed that you are sitting here making a set of rules about how to be a proper fan of something? Do you think this will get you noticed by Tom? Do you think he even cares about any of this stuff? I'm sure he's a nice bloke, but he's a normal guy. He's not a damsel in distress that needs defending and he's not going to fall in love with you or anyone because you participated in defending his good name on the internet.

You know what should be the #1 rule about being a fan of someone?

Just be a fan.

Enjoy their work. Admire their appearance. Whatever you do.

The minute you start spending hours on the internet discussing a famous person or devoting hours of your life to them, you've become just as bad as the people you are calling psycho fans.

Your profile also says you live in Cologne. Does that mean you were one of the women who stood outside for hours a day on end trying to meet him while he was filming Only Lovers Left Alive? Do you and your cohorts not realize that this actually makes you fucking nuts?

This "code of conduct". Project Wendy. The Hiddlestoner magazine. 40 chapter real person fan fictions about Tom. People spending hours clicking on a website donating grains of rice...

You're all nuts.

And you know what? Tom Hiddleston probably thinks you're crazy, too.

If he even gives a shit about all of that nonsense. Which I'm very sure he does not.
11th-Dec-2012 10:46 am (UTC) - Re: Wow...
Sending anon hate to someone, like you just did, is something that says a lot about you....and none of it is nice. ^_~

If you had taken the time to read a bit more (which you obviously didn't), you would have noticed that this project is meant as a resource to fans, to enable them to work together to make fandom a nicer place for everyone, Tom Hiddleston and the fans alike.

I'm not sure if you noticed, but you just tried to do the very thing you accused me of:

YOU were trying to tell others how to be a fan.

YOU were trying to push YOUR version of "what's right" on to others.

Projection much?

(If you don't know what projection is, you can read up on it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_projection )

Just in case you are more intelligent and more balanced than your initial post lets on, you can find more information on how this Code of Conduct is to be viewed here:


Hint: Our motto is "live and let live" ^_~

Edited at 2012-12-11 10:46 am (UTC)
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