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Loki's Army - Headquarters
Code of Conduct - continued 
10th-Dec-2012 09:08 pm
Demon Portrait - Birthday Gift from Ador

Code of conduct – continued

(Note: The Code gets continuously updated as people within fandom come up with new ideas for guidelines. Just so you don’t sign up for something you might not think of as “your” guideline, I’ve started adding dates to the updates, so that if you like to, you can post a date with your “signature” (=like/re-blog) to mark which version of the Code is “yours”.)


The initial idea for this came from ebonrune.

The guideline was modified on 12.12.12 to better reflect the "live and let live" motto of the guidelines. Thanks go to riddlemetitillatedhiddles, kneelsforlaufeyson as well as various anons for their input on this.

I’m aware that the smutty bits in fanart / fanfiction MIGHT be something that Tom or someone near and dear to his heart (parents, friends, nieces, nephews…maybe kids later) might find objectionable if they ever run across it. (Or they might not. Who knows. No idea in which category Tom or those he calls friends and family belong to...and it's unlikely we'll ever know.).

While the vast majority of fanfiction (or fanart) about Tom or his characters is quite respectful of Tom (even if it involves smutty bits) and it is quite easily recognizable such, some writers might feel the need to play it safe and clarify their intentions to any and all readers.

Should an author / artist feel the need to specifically express that they intend no disrespect with the stories / art they have created, e.g. because they are unsure if this is evident from the cues provided within the story / art  itself, here are a few ideas / suggestions on how to make one’s proper intentions clear:

-         One might use disclaimers.

A rather nice example for a disclaimer for real person fanfiction can be found here:


(In summary, it says that, even though a "Tom Hiddleston" is mentioned in the fic, this is in no way meant to be the real Tom Hiddleston. Even though Tom's name and bits of his biography are mentioned in the story, this is solely meant as a template for something that's purely fantasy and the author means no harm or disrespect to the real-life person.)

-         Those who like writing real person fanfiction / creating real person fanart that is a bit more hardcore (e.g. incest, torture, non-con) there is the option of posting somewhere where their stories /art aren’t easily accessible to the general public (e.g. Y!Gallery?)


added by anonymous:

I am aware Tom has a personal life and he is free to post whatever he wants on his twitter . I won´t get upset and neither be rude to him if he changes his twitter account profile, or if he does not tweet anything in a while.

(Note by andartha: I’m guessing that in this context, “upset” means something like “throw a temper tantrum”. I think that worrying about it or speculating about what’s going on should be o.k..)


added by anonymous:

I won’t intrude on Mr. Hiddleston's personal life.

I’m happy to admire Tom's professional life from afar.

I won’t attempt to form a relationship with him.

I’m happy with whatever tweets / facebook entries / news he might be willing to share with us.

(Note by andartha: I feel that “intruding” and “just admiring from afar” depends a bit on the context.

If it’s e.g. some kind of official “meet and greet” the fans or if, by chance, you run across Tom somewhere and you give him a grin and a thumbs-up and he waves you over, I think that it’s fine to chat with him and even hug if he offers.

Sometimes actors are o.k. with fans they run across asking for autographs or coming over to tell the actor how much they appreciate him…sometimes they’re not, and it can be difficult for a fan to tell which one currently applies.

If Tom ever stumbles across this: How about some sign between you and your fandom, so we can tell whether it’s o.k. to approach you at that moment or not? A special scarf? A button? A colourful armband? Some super sekkrit hand-signs maybe? )


added by Audra Whitton  - Dec. 11. 2012 (ties in with guideline no. 8)

If I should be lucky enough to run into Tom in a regular-life encounter (park, coffee shop, what have you) and id I do approach him, I will do so quietly and respectfully and I won't  scream "look it's Tom Hiddleston!' and cause a mob.

(Note by Salina Benson-Mills : Besides, if you stay calm and don't draw attention to the fact that he is there, that possibly gives you a bit more time to chat with him and it would be in a nice quiet setting instead of a loud scream fest.)



added by Lori Bouchard Konecki and Salina Benson-Mills - Dec. 11.2012

I will not tweet Tom with hateful remarks, slanders, insults.

I will not tweet Tom with sexually explicit content.


added by riddlemetitillatedhiddles - Dec. 12. 2012

I won't illegally download his movies.
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