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Loki's Army - Headquarters
Live and let live: Motto of the Guidelines (Loki’s Army – Code of Conduct) 
10th-Dec-2012 07:11 pm
Demon Portrait - Birthday Gift from Ador

Live and let live...

Well, it is easy to be respectful towards people you like and adore, towards people you agree with.

What people are really made of shows itself when they are asked to be respectful towards people who view things differently.

And yes, since we ARE a diverse fandom, there probably will be disagreement on how to interpret the guidelines. (There have been a couple of misunderstandings already o_O.)

Well, for this project, the "Live and let live" part is really, seriously, incredibly important.

We might have differences of opinion, but we are ONE fandom and we should be respectful no only towards Tom, but also towards each other.

If push comes to shove, we have to stand together. ^_~

So…what if there IS a disagreement?

For example:

One person might like having some Guidelines around, because this reaffirms their own views and they find comfort in such an affirmation.

Another person might share pretty much the same views, but might feel smothered and limited by the existence of such Guidelines.


Some people might call something “porn” as soon as there’s an explicit, smutty scene.

For some people (like me ^_~), it might still be considered “romance” despite the smutty bits, because hey, look at all that character development that’s also in the story!


Some people like to make a huge fuss about new pictures coming out, getting exited like kids right before Christmas, while others prefer to take a more restrained attitude.


So what do you think?

Should we get all snitty and snotty and holier-than-thou about this?

Should we start a full-out, drag-down, bitch-slappin’ fight about who’s the “better fan”?


You think that would be awful?

You think that something like that would ruin it for everyone?

Well, you're right.

And do you know what that means?

It means we will have to get along with each other despite our differences.

Can we do this?


I think yes.

There is no “one true way” to be a fan.

We are writers, artists, collectors, readers, daydreamers…..loons.

We are shy.

We are aggressive

We are open and easy-going.

We are reserved and complex.

We are old, we are young.

We are wild tom-boys, we are well-mannered ladies, we are studious book-worms, we are brash adventurers.

We are diverse.

And that’s a good thing.

We should value each other for our diversity and for our differences, because they are the very thing that make this fandom such an exciting, fascinating and creative place to be.

The Lokis Army HQ  project was created so fandom could have Tom’s back….but we should ALSO have each other’s back and treat each other with respect.

Our diversity should not be our weak spot.

It should be our strength.

We respect Tom.

And we should respect each other too.

We are one fandom.

And even if there are things we disagree about?

There’s so much more where we are of one mind, one heart.

Let’s focus on what we have in common.




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