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Loki's Army might be pure chaos - but we still get sh** done!
Tom Hiddleston is one of the nicest, politest and most approachable actors around.

Whenever he has been interacting with fans, he's shown grace and kindness and fandom loves him for it.

However, as most of you probably know by now, some bad fandom sh** has gone down around Tom Hiddleston lately.

(If you already know about this, just skip the bullet points)

* Somebody impersonated Ted Allpress (young Loki from “Thor”) to get a shout-out from Tom (…it worked) and attract more followers for himself (…that worked too). (More info see here: http://andartha.tumblr.com/post/35899925285/impersonate-a-child-actor-con-the-fans-the-more )

* Somebody created a fake Thor2themovie account on twitter and conned fans into believing that Loki pics from “Thor - The Dark World” would be releases…which never happened, and even though Tom had nothing to do with it, a lot of people blamed him and he publicly apologised (even though he was at no fault whatsoever).

* Another fake impersonated Tom’s hairstylist from the Avengers movie, Yesim Osman and got Tom to follow her and tried to con Tom into meeting up with a “friend” of hers (another fake account)

* People hacked his facebook account and then shared his private pics all across the internet.

* Apparently a crowd of fans stalked him at a hotel in Detroit where he was staying and basically blocked up the hotel lobby for hours, disrupting hotel services and other customers, just so they could catch a glimpse at Tom.

And yeah, a lot of people are saying that this kind of harrassment is NOT o.k. and that we should do something about it.

So this is what this community is for.

Tom has given us so much:


Brighter days.

Loki feels.

Let's see if there's something that WE can do for Tom.

Let's show him that we have his back and that we'll stand up for him.