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Impersonate a child actor - con the fans

Originally posted on tumblr here:


Impersonate a child actor & con the fans

The more I learn about this, the worse it looks.

The first thing I heard was that someone was impersonating Ted Allpress (young Loki from “Thor” ) on twitter and had tricked fellow actor Tom Hiddleston into giving him a shout-out and following him….which of course got the fake a TON of followers within a few short hours.

Vivienne Clore, the agent for the real Ted Allpress, swiftly denounced the @teddyallpress account as fake and Tom unfollowed him again, but, this being the internet where info gets swiftly lost in the white noise unless you are a celebrity, most people remained unaware of this.

Fans started posting, tweeting and re-tweeting the info…but news is slow to get around and a LOT of people still don’t know.

This is very problematic, since the impersonator is in the PERFECT position to take advantage of the fans.

People tend to trust someone who they believe to be a cute, young, well-known child actor. And if that guy starts direct-messaging some of the fans, telling some kind of sob-story, he could get people into sending him all kinds of stuff, ranging from money to a new iPod to…..you get the picture. 

One might dismiss this as a one-time occurrence…but it isn’t.

Child actor Collin MacKechnie (seen e.g. in Supernatural) was impersonated on twitter by a fraud for seven months and even though the thing ended up in the news and people were clamoring for the account to be shut down, it took twitter a while to get around to doing so:



Another child actor who was impersonated was Griffin Cleveland (seen e.g. in “The Walking Dead”). He was given a shout-out by the fake @Teddyallpress, which got him quite a few followers too, but luckily, the whole thing was shut down when the real Griffin Cleveland showed up on twitter and posted a pic of himself holding a sign that condemned the @GriffinBarretC account as fake.

Other people that have been / are being impersonated on twitter are Ted Allpress’ brother, Harvey Allpress, who is an actor too, and Griffin Cleveland’s mother, with both fakes coming to the defense of the original fake in order to give a false sense of credibility to the con.

Oh, btw, the fake Teddyallpress also has a facebook and an instagram…..

To cut a long story short:

IF you think fans should look out for other fans….

and IF you think that fandom should support and help protect the actors they adore…

…then please



(e.g. with ” teddyallpress is a fake, sorry. Tom unfollowed. More evidence here:  http://andartha.tumblr.com/post/35899925285/impersonate-a-child-actor-con-the-fans-the Please spread the word? “)

Spread the info until the fake account is down.

Help make fandom the safe space it should be, for fans and actors alike (and not a hunting ground for wolves in sheeps’ clothing).

It is little enough.

And if we can’t do that, what is it worth, being a member of Loki’s Army?

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