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A few days back, Tom Hiddleston went out on a date with a… 
16th-Dec-2012 05:08 pm
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Support Sian Clifford

A few days back, Tom Hiddleston went out on a date with a fellow actress Sian Clifford.

While it’s normal for fans to be curious about what’s going on with the celebrities they love and maybe even indulge in a bit of speculation, there are people out there who might call themselves “fans”…but who are nothing more than crazy stalkers. 

The self-declared “LokisPerfection” from the screencaps above, who, to top it off, CLAIMS TO SPEAK FOR ALL OF FANDOM !!!!!! went ahead and tweeted Sian with slander, insults and a ton of hate.

And Sian read that tweet.

If you feel that sending hate-filled, insulting, abusive tweets (or mail) to people is NOT o.k., and if you’d like to spread the news about what happened, please re-blog.

Me, I’ll go and follow  @SiansUniverse now.

And I’ll also favourite the tweet about how great a joy it is to have a BLOCK button:  https://twitter.com/SiansUniverse/status/279936217569718274

I won’t tweet her, since she obviously reads the tweets she gets and I don’t want to spam her…but I do want make at least one small gesture that will show that there are people who are NOT o.k. with the kind of harassment she got and who are willing to back her up.

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