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Project: Cock-Block professional autograph-hunters. They’re (almost?) worse than papparazzi. 
10th-Dec-2012 04:57 am
Demon Portrait - Birthday Gift from Ador

So, here’s the story (full version at elzachan’s tumblr: http://elzahchan.tumblr.com/post/37583236850/please-dont-buy-toms-signature-from-online-stores ) :

(for those of you who already know about this, just skip the cursive script. Plan of action is further down)

The place: London - Independent British Film Festival 

Autograph hunters (= people who get celebrities autographs and just sell them for the money) were present.

The security at the event… left a lot to be desired, so to speak.

The fans stayed behind the designated barriers to give the celebrities space.

The autograph hunters decided to fuck the barriers, waltz right onto the red carpet, and quite literally mob every single celebrity until they gave them as many autographs as they needed.

This obviously took up a lot of the celebrities time, meaning that real fans weren’t able to get any signatures.

I politely asked them to move behind the barriers, as myself and my friends had been waiting for much longer than them (5 hours longer) and so we wanted some autographs too. Their response?

As soon as Tom Hiddleston turned up, ALL of the autograph hunters (and there was A LOT) swamped him and didn’t let him move at all.

Tom was heard saying on several occasions “Please move, take a step back, I can’t move around!”

At first he looked pissed, but then he just looked upset.

They wouldn’t stop. They just kept handing him picture after picture, demanding he signed it and refusing to move until he did.

He eventually forced his way through after a good 20 minutes, running into the building. He had a look on his face that almost made my heart split in two.

Plan of action:


Don’t buy Tom’s autograph from online stores. They’re quite often obtained through mean, rude and despicable ways.


If you know an online store that sells autographs from Tom, LET THEM KNOW a that you won’t be buying autographs from them, ever, and that you will also ask others not to, because of aforementioned reasons, e.g.:

The autographs you’re selling have, in all likelihood, been obtained by some of the nastiest harassment of celebrities imaginable, with professional autograph hunters mobbing the celebs in question with no regard for civility or personal space at all.

I, as a fan of Tom Hiddleston, respect him as an actor and as a person, and I won’t be complicit in such despicable acts by buying autographs from you.

I will also spread news of the plague that autograph hunters are to fandom and to the celebrities and I will ask others to refrain from buying any of your autographs.

With not so friendly regards,


This is just an idea (and it might, if things go badly, lead to physical confrontation with the autograph hunters, so consider this carefully) but if you are at an event where autograph-hunters abound and where security is not up to the job….

How about forming a human shield for the celebs against the autograph hunters, by linking arms and standing real close, reinforcing the barriers at the sides of the red carpet, and not letting the autograph hunters through in the first place?

The signal to link up could be someone shouting

“Loki’s Army: Against the autograph-hunters - SHIELD!!!”

and people could call out to each other where the wall needs to be reinforced.


Take pictures of autograph hunters that are mobbing Tom. Try to get a good shot of their faces, while they’re in action, so they’re easy to identify. (Shot has to be of them in action / on scene, so people from out-fandom don’t start sending in pictures of people they don’t like ^_~) We’ll put them up somewhere, so autograph-hunters will be recognizable and easier to block.

If you CAN, try to get names and who they’re working for (e.g. by telling them “Oh, I’d SO like an autograph of Tom. You’re going to get one, yes? I don’t have any money right now, but can you tell me your name or the place where you’ll be selling the later, so I can buy them?”).  

The names of the autograph-hunters as well as the names of the stores they’re working for will be published too, so people will know who to avoid. If they’ve behaved nastily, add the anecdote of what they did for good measure.


If you’re going to an event, print out flyers warning other fans away from autograph online-stores.

Hand them out at the event.

This will raise awareness about the problem for fans who don’t know about the problem yet, will warn the autograph hunters that fandom has its’ eye on them and, (if they find one of the flyers) will let celebrities like Tom know that their fandom has their back.

A flyer could read e.g.:

“BEWARE Autograph-Hunters and online stores selling their ill-gotten goods!!!

Where it comes to nastily harassing celebrities, autograph-hunters are right up there with the paparazzi.

They mob celebrities like Tom Hiddleston with no regard for civility or personal space at all, crowding him and pushing him around until they have pressured him into giving them what they want.

They rudely insult and laugh at real fans, who have no chance of meeting their stars as long as there is a wall of autograph-hunters between them and the fans.

Professional autograph-hunters hurt Tom and they hurt fans.

If you’re a fan, please spread the news about the autograph-hunters and don’t buy autographs from online-stores, since that’s where the autograph-hunters sell their ill-gotten goods.

Let’s show Tom that we have his back!”


This is NOT a good idea.

Actually, it’s more of a fantasy that I’m entertaining, because I’m hopping mad at those autograph-hunters right now and I need to vent, even if it’s just in my mind….so PLEASE don’t do it for real.

The vindictive little bitch in my mind is supplying me with images of autograph hunters getting drenched with soda.

Sticky, wet, possibly ruining the pictures they’re holding for the celebs to sign…and if it’s cold, definitely something that won’t allow you to hang around for hours, waiting for a celeb to show up, not if you don’t want to catch pneumonia.

If it’s done before Tom showed up, all Tom might have to deal with is a slightly sticky, wet carpet (careful, temperatures should not be below freezing, or the carpet might turn slippery). 

However, this is JUST a fantasy and please don’t do it for real, because it’s childish, possibly dangerous and it might even get fans in trouble (e.g. if the soda hits an expensive camera or something, charges might be pressed.)

So really, don’t do it. (Incorporating it in fanart or fanfiction might be therapeutic though ^_~)


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twitter: @lokisarmy_hq

re-bloggable on tumblr: http://andartha.tumblr.com/post/37706825225/wizivizi-andartha-project-cock-block


For those who want autographs:

They can be obtained via Tom’s Agent, Hamilton Hodell:


and Tom himself has suggested a place too: TwoFiftyEight West Authentic Signatures  (they're also cheaper than the autograph hunters as far as I can tell  ^_~)

you can find them here: 


You can find pics of the tweets where Tom endorses them here: http://umakoo.tumblr.com/post/37604670248/speaking-of-hiddleston-and-autographs-an



(= online autograph sellers that, in all likelihood, are employing the help of professional autograph hunters, as well as people that are, in all likelihood, autograph hunters themselves)

post made by meganphntmgrl:

autograph hunter


Info provided by Jamie Osborn on fb:




Autographhistory sells a bunch of actors' autographs for around 250, so it looks like he's in it for the money and not because he likes or knows any of the celebrities.

Autographhistory has over 1,000 autographs to sell and here's a video of him at work, yelling out to Tom....and afterwards to another actor, Sabrina:

"Thanks for signing all my photos last night!"

(talk about inappropriate sexual innuendo.....)


No evidence yet though that he has been climbing across barriers and crowded an actors personal space.
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