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Demon Portrait - Birthday Gift from Ador
As most of you probably know by now, some bad fandom sh** has gone down around Tom Hiddleston lately.

(If you already know about this, just skip the bullet points)
  • Somebody created a fake Thor2themovie account on twitter and conned fans into believing that Loki pics from “Thor - The Dark World” would be releases…which never happened, and even though Tom had nothing to do with it, a lot of people blamed him and he publicly apologised (even though he was at no fault whatsoever).
  • Another fake impersonated Tom’s hairstylist from the Avengers movie, Yesim Osman and got Tom to follow her and tried to con Tom into meeting up with a “friend” of hers (another fake account)
  • People hacked his facebook account and then shared his private pics all across the internet.
  • Apparently a crowd of fans stalked him at a hotel in Detroit where he was staying and basically blocked up the hotel lobby for hours, disrupting hotel services and other customers, just so they could catch a glimpse at Tom.

And yeah, a lot of people are saying that this kind of harrassment is NOT o.k. and that we should do something about it.

So how about creating a CODE OF CONDUCT for Loki’s Army?

Let’s try to pin down how a TRUE member of Loki’s Army would act…and what kind of behaviour is utterly unacceptable.

Just add any rules that you feel would be helpful when you reblog and “sign” it by “liking” it on tumblr:


Once it hits 10.000, I’ll print it out and send it as a fanmail letter to Tom’s Agent.


This CODE OF CONDUCT is something that is still under construction and participation in shaping and adding to the rules is very much welcome, as is signing it.

Quite a few people have made thoughtful comments on what should be included in the Code and how the Code should be used and I’m incorporating such feedback bit by bit.

If you have any kind of suggestions for the items on the list, anything ranging from interpretations of the rules to ideas about how to improve how things are worded, please feel free to comment!

For the items listed in Loki’s Code there are now two categories:

(Note: It seems I accidentally mis-numbered the Guidelines when I made the switch, going straight from 3 to 5 and omitting no. 4. . I’ve corrected that now, but if you read the comments and find people talking e.g. about no. 6? That’s now no. 5  XD )

A. Non-negotiables

These are the things that distinguish a genuine fan and member of Loki’s Army from stalkers and fanatics. This is people doing stuff that is either close to criminal or even stuff that has already crossed the line.

You see someone breaking these, you know they’re NOT a fan, but a creep and a crazy person.

You see someone breaking these, feel free to call them out on their behaviour, block them and warn others about them.


B. Guidelines

Different people in fandom might vary a bit about how these are to be interpreted.

We’re a global and diverse fandom, with people from all walks of society and all parts of the world. So yes, there are bound to be differences in how certain words and actions are perceived and how they should be evaluated. And that’s fine.

Or it might be something where you have a big area of grey and it’s hard to tell whether a specific action is already “too much” or “still o.k.”.

And while there are some things that are absolute no-goes (see “Non-Negotiables”), there’s a lot of stuff where the right thing to do is to give the other person the benefit of doubt.  

You see someone not following one of these? If they’re up to it (and if you’re up to it), it’s o.k. to engage them in a discussion…but otherwise, “Live and let live” is the motto here.


The "Live and let live" part is really, seriously, incredibly important!

We might have differences of opinion, but we are ONE fandom and we should be respectful no only towards Tom, but also towards each other.

If push comes to shove, we have to stand together. ^_~


That said, here’s the current version of the “Loki Code”:


A. Non-Negotiables

A true member of Loki’s Army


…won’t hack into Tom’s facebook and steal pictures. Or hack any other account of Tom’s really, in order to obtain private infos from Tom.


…..won’t pretend to be someone else, e.g. someone who Tom knows, because they want Tom to tweet them / talk to them.


added by snakecharmed79:

…won’t spread ugly or malicious rumours about Tom.


added by Alexandra Diez:

...won't try to hug, glomp or otherwise invade Tom's personal space without being invited to do so first, if she (or he) happens to meet Tom.

(Note by andartha: There have been other stars that have been tackle-hugged, glomped and almost smothered by crowds of "fans" that wanted to get close-up and personal, so that security had to intervene and rescue the celebrity in question. Tom has been know to hug with fans, but seriously, if he ever has to worry about getting squashed by a brigade of rabid stalker-girls, he probably will stop being so approachable sooner or later.)

(Note by resnictem:
It seems like a fan has put her hands on Tom without his permission once ( sliding her hand down his chest?))

B. Guidelines


I am aware that Tom Hiddleston is a real person, and as such, he deserves to be treated with politeness and respect.


I will respect Tom’s personal space and I won’t re-blog or post any of his private pictures.


added by Brynja_Lokadottir:

I will act mature and civilized when blogging about, writing to, and personally interacting with Tom.

(Note by Andartha: I feel that Loki, the character, should stay fair game for all kind of nonsense though ^_~)


added by ilikezenight.

I also won’t bother other fangirls if they know some Hiddles information that I don’t.

Code of Conduct continued here:


16th-Dec-2012 05:08 pm(no subject)
Demon Portrait - Birthday Gift from Ador
Support Sian Clifford

A few days back, Tom Hiddleston went out on a date with a fellow actress Sian Clifford.

While it’s normal for fans to be curious about what’s going on with the celebrities they love and maybe even indulge in a bit of speculation, there are people out there who might call themselves “fans”…but who are nothing more than crazy stalkers. 

The self-declared “LokisPerfection” from the screencaps above, who, to top it off, CLAIMS TO SPEAK FOR ALL OF FANDOM !!!!!! went ahead and tweeted Sian with slander, insults and a ton of hate.

And Sian read that tweet.

If you feel that sending hate-filled, insulting, abusive tweets (or mail) to people is NOT o.k., and if you’d like to spread the news about what happened, please re-blog.

Me, I’ll go and follow  @SiansUniverse now.

And I’ll also favourite the tweet about how great a joy it is to have a BLOCK button:  https://twitter.com/SiansUniverse/status/279936217569718274

I won’t tweet her, since she obviously reads the tweets she gets and I don’t want to spam her…but I do want make at least one small gesture that will show that there are people who are NOT o.k. with the kind of harassment she got and who are willing to back her up.

10th-Dec-2012 09:08 pm - Code of Conduct - continued
Demon Portrait - Birthday Gift from Ador

Code of conduct – continued

(Note: The Code gets continuously updated as people within fandom come up with new ideas for guidelines. Just so you don’t sign up for something you might not think of as “your” guideline, I’ve started adding dates to the updates, so that if you like to, you can post a date with your “signature” (=like/re-blog) to mark which version of the Code is “yours”.)


The initial idea for this came from ebonrune.

The guideline was modified on 12.12.12 to better reflect the "live and let live" motto of the guidelines. Thanks go to riddlemetitillatedhiddles, kneelsforlaufeyson as well as various anons for their input on this.

I’m aware that the smutty bits in fanart / fanfiction MIGHT be something that Tom or someone near and dear to his heart (parents, friends, nieces, nephews…maybe kids later) might find objectionable if they ever run across it. (Or they might not. Who knows. No idea in which category Tom or those he calls friends and family belong to...and it's unlikely we'll ever know.).

While the vast majority of fanfiction (or fanart) about Tom or his characters is quite respectful of Tom (even if it involves smutty bits) and it is quite easily recognizable such, some writers might feel the need to play it safe and clarify their intentions to any and all readers.

Should an author / artist feel the need to specifically express that they intend no disrespect with the stories / art they have created, e.g. because they are unsure if this is evident from the cues provided within the story / art  itself, here are a few ideas / suggestions on how to make one’s proper intentions clear:

-         One might use disclaimers.

A rather nice example for a disclaimer for real person fanfiction can be found here:


(In summary, it says that, even though a "Tom Hiddleston" is mentioned in the fic, this is in no way meant to be the real Tom Hiddleston. Even though Tom's name and bits of his biography are mentioned in the story, this is solely meant as a template for something that's purely fantasy and the author means no harm or disrespect to the real-life person.)

-         Those who like writing real person fanfiction / creating real person fanart that is a bit more hardcore (e.g. incest, torture, non-con) there is the option of posting somewhere where their stories /art aren’t easily accessible to the general public (e.g. Y!Gallery?)


added by anonymous:

I am aware Tom has a personal life and he is free to post whatever he wants on his twitter . I won´t get upset and neither be rude to him if he changes his twitter account profile, or if he does not tweet anything in a while.

(Note by andartha: I’m guessing that in this context, “upset” means something like “throw a temper tantrum”. I think that worrying about it or speculating about what’s going on should be o.k..)


added by anonymous:

I won’t intrude on Mr. Hiddleston's personal life.

I’m happy to admire Tom's professional life from afar.

I won’t attempt to form a relationship with him.

I’m happy with whatever tweets / facebook entries / news he might be willing to share with us.

(Note by andartha: I feel that “intruding” and “just admiring from afar” depends a bit on the context.

If it’s e.g. some kind of official “meet and greet” the fans or if, by chance, you run across Tom somewhere and you give him a grin and a thumbs-up and he waves you over, I think that it’s fine to chat with him and even hug if he offers.

Sometimes actors are o.k. with fans they run across asking for autographs or coming over to tell the actor how much they appreciate him…sometimes they’re not, and it can be difficult for a fan to tell which one currently applies.

If Tom ever stumbles across this: How about some sign between you and your fandom, so we can tell whether it’s o.k. to approach you at that moment or not? A special scarf? A button? A colourful armband? Some super sekkrit hand-signs maybe? )


added by Audra Whitton  - Dec. 11. 2012 (ties in with guideline no. 8)

If I should be lucky enough to run into Tom in a regular-life encounter (park, coffee shop, what have you) and id I do approach him, I will do so quietly and respectfully and I won't  scream "look it's Tom Hiddleston!' and cause a mob.

(Note by Salina Benson-Mills : Besides, if you stay calm and don't draw attention to the fact that he is there, that possibly gives you a bit more time to chat with him and it would be in a nice quiet setting instead of a loud scream fest.)



added by Lori Bouchard Konecki and Salina Benson-Mills - Dec. 11.2012

I will not tweet Tom with hateful remarks, slanders, insults.

I will not tweet Tom with sexually explicit content.


added by riddlemetitillatedhiddles - Dec. 12. 2012

I won't illegally download his movies.
Demon Portrait - Birthday Gift from Ador

Live and let live...

Well, it is easy to be respectful towards people you like and adore, towards people you agree with.

What people are really made of shows itself when they are asked to be respectful towards people who view things differently.

And yes, since we ARE a diverse fandom, there probably will be disagreement on how to interpret the guidelines. (There have been a couple of misunderstandings already o_O.)

Well, for this project, the "Live and let live" part is really, seriously, incredibly important.

We might have differences of opinion, but we are ONE fandom and we should be respectful no only towards Tom, but also towards each other.

If push comes to shove, we have to stand together. ^_~

So…what if there IS a disagreement?

For example:

One person might like having some Guidelines around, because this reaffirms their own views and they find comfort in such an affirmation.

Another person might share pretty much the same views, but might feel smothered and limited by the existence of such Guidelines.


Some people might call something “porn” as soon as there’s an explicit, smutty scene.

For some people (like me ^_~), it might still be considered “romance” despite the smutty bits, because hey, look at all that character development that’s also in the story!


Some people like to make a huge fuss about new pictures coming out, getting exited like kids right before Christmas, while others prefer to take a more restrained attitude.


So what do you think?

Should we get all snitty and snotty and holier-than-thou about this?

Should we start a full-out, drag-down, bitch-slappin’ fight about who’s the “better fan”?


You think that would be awful?

You think that something like that would ruin it for everyone?

Well, you're right.

And do you know what that means?

It means we will have to get along with each other despite our differences.

Can we do this?


I think yes.

There is no “one true way” to be a fan.

We are writers, artists, collectors, readers, daydreamers…..loons.

We are shy.

We are aggressive

We are open and easy-going.

We are reserved and complex.

We are old, we are young.

We are wild tom-boys, we are well-mannered ladies, we are studious book-worms, we are brash adventurers.

We are diverse.

And that’s a good thing.

We should value each other for our diversity and for our differences, because they are the very thing that make this fandom such an exciting, fascinating and creative place to be.

The Lokis Army HQ  project was created so fandom could have Tom’s back….but we should ALSO have each other’s back and treat each other with respect.

Our diversity should not be our weak spot.

It should be our strength.

We respect Tom.

And we should respect each other too.

We are one fandom.

And even if there are things we disagree about?

There’s so much more where we are of one mind, one heart.

Let’s focus on what we have in common.




Demon Portrait - Birthday Gift from Ador

So, here’s the story (full version at elzachan’s tumblr: http://elzahchan.tumblr.com/post/37583236850/please-dont-buy-toms-signature-from-online-stores ) :

(for those of you who already know about this, just skip the cursive script. Plan of action is further down)

The place: London - Independent British Film Festival 

Autograph hunters (= people who get celebrities autographs and just sell them for the money) were present.

The security at the event… left a lot to be desired, so to speak.

The fans stayed behind the designated barriers to give the celebrities space.

The autograph hunters decided to fuck the barriers, waltz right onto the red carpet, and quite literally mob every single celebrity until they gave them as many autographs as they needed.

This obviously took up a lot of the celebrities time, meaning that real fans weren’t able to get any signatures.

I politely asked them to move behind the barriers, as myself and my friends had been waiting for much longer than them (5 hours longer) and so we wanted some autographs too. Their response?

As soon as Tom Hiddleston turned up, ALL of the autograph hunters (and there was A LOT) swamped him and didn’t let him move at all.

Tom was heard saying on several occasions “Please move, take a step back, I can’t move around!”

At first he looked pissed, but then he just looked upset.

They wouldn’t stop. They just kept handing him picture after picture, demanding he signed it and refusing to move until he did.

He eventually forced his way through after a good 20 minutes, running into the building. He had a look on his face that almost made my heart split in two.

Plan of action:


Don’t buy Tom’s autograph from online stores. They’re quite often obtained through mean, rude and despicable ways.


If you know an online store that sells autographs from Tom, LET THEM KNOW a that you won’t be buying autographs from them, ever, and that you will also ask others not to, because of aforementioned reasons, e.g.:

The autographs you’re selling have, in all likelihood, been obtained by some of the nastiest harassment of celebrities imaginable, with professional autograph hunters mobbing the celebs in question with no regard for civility or personal space at all.

I, as a fan of Tom Hiddleston, respect him as an actor and as a person, and I won’t be complicit in such despicable acts by buying autographs from you.

I will also spread news of the plague that autograph hunters are to fandom and to the celebrities and I will ask others to refrain from buying any of your autographs.

With not so friendly regards,


This is just an idea (and it might, if things go badly, lead to physical confrontation with the autograph hunters, so consider this carefully) but if you are at an event where autograph-hunters abound and where security is not up to the job….

How about forming a human shield for the celebs against the autograph hunters, by linking arms and standing real close, reinforcing the barriers at the sides of the red carpet, and not letting the autograph hunters through in the first place?

The signal to link up could be someone shouting

“Loki’s Army: Against the autograph-hunters - SHIELD!!!”

and people could call out to each other where the wall needs to be reinforced.


Take pictures of autograph hunters that are mobbing Tom. Try to get a good shot of their faces, while they’re in action, so they’re easy to identify. (Shot has to be of them in action / on scene, so people from out-fandom don’t start sending in pictures of people they don’t like ^_~) We’ll put them up somewhere, so autograph-hunters will be recognizable and easier to block.

If you CAN, try to get names and who they’re working for (e.g. by telling them “Oh, I’d SO like an autograph of Tom. You’re going to get one, yes? I don’t have any money right now, but can you tell me your name or the place where you’ll be selling the later, so I can buy them?”).  

The names of the autograph-hunters as well as the names of the stores they’re working for will be published too, so people will know who to avoid. If they’ve behaved nastily, add the anecdote of what they did for good measure.


If you’re going to an event, print out flyers warning other fans away from autograph online-stores.

Hand them out at the event.

This will raise awareness about the problem for fans who don’t know about the problem yet, will warn the autograph hunters that fandom has its’ eye on them and, (if they find one of the flyers) will let celebrities like Tom know that their fandom has their back.

A flyer could read e.g.:

“BEWARE Autograph-Hunters and online stores selling their ill-gotten goods!!!

Where it comes to nastily harassing celebrities, autograph-hunters are right up there with the paparazzi.

They mob celebrities like Tom Hiddleston with no regard for civility or personal space at all, crowding him and pushing him around until they have pressured him into giving them what they want.

They rudely insult and laugh at real fans, who have no chance of meeting their stars as long as there is a wall of autograph-hunters between them and the fans.

Professional autograph-hunters hurt Tom and they hurt fans.

If you’re a fan, please spread the news about the autograph-hunters and don’t buy autographs from online-stores, since that’s where the autograph-hunters sell their ill-gotten goods.

Let’s show Tom that we have his back!”


This is NOT a good idea.

Actually, it’s more of a fantasy that I’m entertaining, because I’m hopping mad at those autograph-hunters right now and I need to vent, even if it’s just in my mind….so PLEASE don’t do it for real.

The vindictive little bitch in my mind is supplying me with images of autograph hunters getting drenched with soda.

Sticky, wet, possibly ruining the pictures they’re holding for the celebs to sign…and if it’s cold, definitely something that won’t allow you to hang around for hours, waiting for a celeb to show up, not if you don’t want to catch pneumonia.

If it’s done before Tom showed up, all Tom might have to deal with is a slightly sticky, wet carpet (careful, temperatures should not be below freezing, or the carpet might turn slippery). 

However, this is JUST a fantasy and please don’t do it for real, because it’s childish, possibly dangerous and it might even get fans in trouble (e.g. if the soda hits an expensive camera or something, charges might be pressed.)

So really, don’t do it. (Incorporating it in fanart or fanfiction might be therapeutic though ^_~)


Re-bloggable / shareable here:




More info here:


twitter: @lokisarmy_hq

re-bloggable on tumblr: http://andartha.tumblr.com/post/37706825225/wizivizi-andartha-project-cock-block


For those who want autographs:

They can be obtained via Tom’s Agent, Hamilton Hodell:


and Tom himself has suggested a place too: TwoFiftyEight West Authentic Signatures  (they're also cheaper than the autograph hunters as far as I can tell  ^_~)

you can find them here: 


You can find pics of the tweets where Tom endorses them here: http://umakoo.tumblr.com/post/37604670248/speaking-of-hiddleston-and-autographs-an



(= online autograph sellers that, in all likelihood, are employing the help of professional autograph hunters, as well as people that are, in all likelihood, autograph hunters themselves)

post made by meganphntmgrl:

autograph hunter


Info provided by Jamie Osborn on fb:




Autographhistory sells a bunch of actors' autographs for around 250, so it looks like he's in it for the money and not because he likes or knows any of the celebrities.

Autographhistory has over 1,000 autographs to sell and here's a video of him at work, yelling out to Tom....and afterwards to another actor, Sabrina:

"Thanks for signing all my photos last night!"

(talk about inappropriate sexual innuendo.....)


No evidence yet though that he has been climbing across barriers and crowded an actors personal space.
5th-Dec-2012 01:56 pm - I dream....
Demon Portrait - Birthday Gift from Ador
I dream of the members of Loki's Army showing up at the places where "Thor : The Dark World" has its' premieres (London? Berlin? L.A.? Moskau?...) and collectively, on signal, kneeling when Tom Hiddleston steps onto the red carpet. It would be the best flashmob ever.

If anybody else feels that way, this blog would be a place where we could get started on getting something like that organized.


Just in case it DOES happen….here are a few organizational matters that would need to be tackled in order to pull this off:

A lot of people will be from out of town…where will they stay before/after the flashmob?

 Are there any safety hazards? If it’s a LOT of people, there will have to be security measures in place so that roads and venues are not blocked / people don’t step too much on each other’s toes.

 What should the signal be? (A horn call would be neat and properly archaic ^_^)

 Are we going to add something like everybody shouting something in concert (e.g. “Hail! Hail! Hail!”) to make it more impressive?

 Would people like to dress up in character (e.g. as Jotuns / Aesir / with blue glowy eyes)?

 Maybe some kind of secret signal, so we can recognize each other beforehand?

 Just so we don’t interfere too much with the premiere and maybe unintentionally mess things up, with whom do we need to speak beforehand?

 Should Tom be in on this? I think it would be VERY cool if he gave the signal, but it’s bound to creep other, non-Loki’s Army people out if he does, so it might damage his reputation if it’s not properly handled with the press.


Demon Portrait - Birthday Gift from Ador
(also useful as a list for things to reblog to spread awareness ^_~)

Loki’s Army – fandom takes a stand


(or: what got this whole lj HQ started)

tumblr posts on the subject by other people:



















Other tumblr posts on the subject by andartha (mostly with pics):







4th-Dec-2012 08:56 am(no subject)
Demon Portrait - Birthday Gift from Ador
Spreading word about the Fake - Progress
Original post on tumblr here: http://andartha.tumblr.com/post/37130720968/so-yes-the-account-of-the-fake-who-conned-tom

So….yes, the account of the Fake who conned Tom into following him and giving him a shout-out is STILL up.

(For those who haven’t heard about this whole sorry affair, more info can be found here: http://lokisarmy-hq.livejournal.com/1004.html  )

As Vivienne Clore, Agent of the real Ted Allpress put it: “These things take time.”

A lot of the fake’s followers are still unaware that they are following a fake.

The good news is:

People tweeting and re-tweeting / blogging about the fake are spreading the news and as people become aware that they (and Tom) have been conned, the fake has started losing followers.

At first sight, the numbers don’t seem that impressive (about 262 in one month), but if one considers that the guy still gets about 5 new followers a day (=150 in one month) then I think that fandom has done a pretty good job so far. ^_^

How about trying to spread awareness a bit more?

And help bring down the guy who conned both Tom and the fandom?

Messaging people still following the fake directly has gotten very good results (unfollowing the fake, retweeting….AND thanks for the heads up!), but it needs to be done without spamming people.

How can we do this?

Here’s one thing you can do:

  • You send me an ask and I’ll send you the name of a follower of the fake (or several, depending on how many you’d like to tweet to).
  • I strike “your” follower(s) from my list so they don’t get tweeted about this again.

Here’s other things you can do to help:

REBLOG / re-tweet (on tumblr, twitter, dA, dreamwidth, lj…), so we can get enough people together to pull this through (and to boost the signal, because so far, we’re NOT LOUD ENOUGH to be heard by all the fake’s unsuspecting targets!)

Demon Portrait - Birthday Gift from Ador

...so you have the option of NOT re-blogging /re-posting / liking stuff that was stolen from Tom

The list will be expanded as people tell me (e.g. in the comments to this post) what the other pictures looked like.

1. taken at a ski resort

updated:  (thanks a bunch anonymous!!!!   ^_^)

2.   in a hot tub that has a green tinge

3.  with black hair, holding a dog in a shirt

4.  in a chair with blonde hair and a blue shirt

5.  riding a bike down a path

6.  from the shoulders up, black unruly hair, black top, looking straight to camera, looking sleepy/grumpy, pale grey background, perhaps a picture on the wall just showing on the right

7. there was one of him with blonde unruly hair and some scruff

updated: (a big thanks to Fiona SnakeCharmed McGuire for this one!)

8. Younger Tom (in his teens or so), wearing baggy combats and a baggy jumper. Background mainly scenery. Maybe a holiday photo.

Edit:  (Thanks to redskye1972 for this one)

#8 is NOT from FaceBook, it was from his MySpace, which he left open for five years and fans found it in 2011.

If anyone knows any of these pics and can describe them in more detail (e.g. other people in the pic? Sunny weather? Cloudy weather? Is he standing on the right or the left? what colour is the dog's fur? Is it a wooden chair? ) please feel free to add info!


Kudo's, lots of good karma and many, many thanks to the folks who have taken down private pictures after hearing that these pics had been stolen from Tom!


If you come across a pic which you're quite certain is one of the stolen ones, and you want to take action, here's a template for a message you can send to the poster (just fill in the blanks)

Dear .....,

a while ago, someone hacked Tom's personal facebook account and stole his private pictures and shared them on the internet.

A lot of people don't know it happened or don't know what the pictures look like, so fans have been compiling a list of what the pics looked like, in order to enable fans who posted one of the stolen pictures to identify those and take them down.

Somebody just came across this picture that you posted here:


and there's a chance that it's stolen picture no. .....  on this list:


You might want to keep the pic up or you might want to take it down....either is entirely up to you.

But at least, now you know the background of this picture so you can make an informed decision, whichever way it goes.

Best wishes and kind regards,


If you come across a pic which you suspect might be one of the stolen ones, but you're not sure, and you still want to take action, here's a message you can send to the poster:

Hi there  ^_^  You re-blogged a pic of Tom that looks grainier/more informal than the usual, official ones. Thing is, a while back Tom's fb account was hacked and someone took his private pictures and posted them all over the 'net, where they are still getting re-posted. I'm NOT sure if the pic you posted is one of the stolen pics, but could you maybe check the source to make sure it isn't? An (incomplete) list of the stolen pics can be found here lokisarmy-hq(dot)livejournal(dot)com/1223(dot)html


On how to use this list in a way that's CONSIDERATE and RESPECTFUL of other FANS:

short version:

TOM says he doesn’t want a specific pic posted?

If you post anyway, you’re an asshole.

Another FAN asks you not to post a specific pic, but you have doubt that there’s really a good reason for that?

It’s YOUR call to make and that’s O.K.

long version:

We have to take into consideration that the list of stolen pics was compiled by fans who were around when the whole thing went down. The info does not come directly from Tom. So people might have doubts about the lists’ accuraccy.

And if someone firmly believes that the pic he / she is posting is NOT one of the stolen ones and that there’s an error in the list, then they’re acting in good faith and that’s something that is, as far as I’m concerned, o.k..

Also, as far as I’m aware, Tom has made no public statement about whether or not he would like to see the pics off the ‘net, off the public space, or not.

Granted, it’s highly likely, because most people who have pics stolen from their PRIVATE accounts and publicly distributed would be angry and upset about this and would be quite happy if the damage could be undone (or at least, if people were making a visible effort to undo the damage). However there’s also a small percentage of people who would shrug such an incident off and move on….and someone posting some of the stolen pics, knowing that they are stolen pics, might tell themselves “Tom doesn’t care. There’s no evidence, no statement that he minds….so why not?”….and as long as Tom doesn’t say differently, there’s no way to tell if they’re mistaken in that belief or not.

Fans can chip in with what they know about the incident, so that other fans are enabled to make a decision based on what information is available and based on how they themselves evaluate that information.…but unless Tom makes a direct statement about his wishes concerning the matter, I feel that one should respect other people’s right to make a different call.

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